-  Friday, 22 April  |  E.
William Lockie V Moss Green
My experiences with the William Lockie brand have been very good for years. Therefore always lambswool sweaters of this brand. Quality is fine. Ordered clothing for the first time via internet. Determine size on your website properly. So fit is satisfactory. Compliment for the fast delivery and the possibility of tracking the delivery!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (54) No (25)
 -  Saturday, 26 December  |  M.P.A.
Suitable Fine Lambswool 9 gauge Pullover O-Neck Beige
In a word Perfect! Fine quality. Nice soft, easy to combine color. If you also receive this fine lambswool sweater in silver gray, I would be happy to leave you a message. Delivery was also perfect: fast and hassle-free. Worth repeating Thanks! Fr. greetings Mrs. M. Doomen
Was this review helpful?   Yes (4) No (0)
 -  Saturday, 12 December  |  Corine
Suitable Cotton Vini Pullover V-Neck Dark Blue
Beautiful V neck pullover at first glance. I ordered 2 in dark blue. Is a bit wider / wider than expected, but both my son and my husband are happy with it. Still has to be worn, so no idea how the quality is / will remain after washing.
  Good to hear that the sweaters are satisfactory. If complaints arise, you can always contact our customer service.   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (8)
 -  Monday, 29 December  |  Bob
William Lockie O Charcoal Dark Grey William Lockie. Of course you buy it if you can afford it. No, just kidding: top quality and sits & wears as such. And as for [site name] - small barter, after disappointing shirt - no quibble!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (16) No (41)
 -  Wednesday, 1 January  |  Kees
Suitable Cotton Bince Pullover Purple
Was in the store in Leiden and was looking for nothing special. I saw the offer and the jersey was appropriate and was sold, there was no second jersey in the right size, it was sent after. Great service
  Thank you for this nice review Kees. We wish you lots of fun wearing your pullover.   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (0)
  • Friendly staff.
  • Sweater is comfortable
  • N / a
  • N / a
 -  Thursday, 16 November  |  Jordy
Profuomo Pullover Merino V-Neck Indigo
I have been buying my clothes here to my full satisfaction for years, but I think the quality is not worth the money this time. Only worn 2 or 3 times and completely covered with "rags"
  Good morning, That's not so good to hear! Would you like to send an email to [email protected] stating your order number? This way we can see together how we can best solve this!   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (16) No (4)
 -  Tuesday, 2 February  |  Jos
Suitable Fine Lambswool 9 gauge Pullover O-Neck Navy
we already had an experience with your business. we had bought shirts for offspring back then and that was perfect. we thought it would be possible for the retirees and that went well!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (0)
 -  Tuesday, 23 December  |  Hans
William Lockie O Poppy Melange
William Lockie is very well known to me for wearing comfort, non-pilling and durability. This purchase also lives up to the experience gained and is very clearly a good product.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (14) No (12)
 -  Saturday, 30 May  |  Hans
Suitable Lambswool Pullover V-Neck Beige
Fast and correct delivery, kept well informed in the meantime. Nice product, nothing to criticize. That's the way it's supposed to be!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (1)
 -  Saturday, 30 May  |  Hans
Suitable Lambswool Pullover V-Neck Beige
Fast and correct delivery, kept well informed in the meantime. Nice product, nothing to criticize. That's the way it's supposed to be!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (1)
 -  Friday, 6 November  |  Bert
Suitable Respect Sweater Rince Burgundy
A minus point We thought it would be more red. Just like in the picture, it is redder there. Furthermore, the sweater is good
  Nice to hear that the sweater is otherwise satisfactory.   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (5) No (1)
 -  Sunday, 20 December  |  Janus
Suitable Lambswool Pullover V-Neck Green
excellent quality and fit. Fast care home satisfied with the things I bought here. And I still buy some.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (2)
 -  Sunday, 20 December  |  Janus
Suitable Lambswool Pullover V-Neck Green
excellent quality and fit. Fast care home satisfied with the things I bought here. And I still buy some.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (0)
 -  Thursday, 21 January  |  Mart
Dstrezzed Polo Shirt Graphic Pique Dark Green
Nice neat shirt, only the sleeves are a bit tight, perhaps because of the cuffs
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (0)
  • Nice fabric
  • Neat model
  • Sleeve cuffs
 -  Tuesday, 13 April  |  Michel
Superdry Sweater Workwear Light Blue
Fast, neat delivery, but the color does not match the color in the webshop.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (0)

Buy Men's Sweaters and Pullovers online

A men’s sweater is a multifunctional garment. Wear it over a T-shirt or a dress shirt, a sturdy outer garment, or a backup for a chilly spring day or a late summer night. Sweaters for men are available in cotton, lambswool, and Merino wool. In the past, sweaters were hand-knit and made of wool. Nowadays, a sweater is a collective term for many different clothing pieces, such as pullovers, hoodies, and jumpers, with or without a hood. Buy your men’s sweaters quickly and easily online at Suitable!

Sweaters for men

The men’s sweater is modern and very versatile at all levels. Whether you look at the cut, the fit, or the color. You will find sweaters in different varieties like:Chunky knitted sweaters, Norwegian sweaters, Fine knitwear, Jerseys, sweaters with a turtleneck, polo collar, mocker collar, v-neck, crew neck, sweaters with a zipper, plain colored sweaters, sweaters with thin stripes, wide stripes, prints stitching or check patterns.In addition to woolen men’s sweaters, cotton, cashmere, and high-end synthetic fibers (100% or in combination with natural fibers) are available as well.

Men’s sweaters

At the end of the 19th century, the so-called sports sweater developed from the jumper. Highly suitable for horse riding, golfing, playing tennis, and riding a bike. The name ‘sweater’ was used because this item was worn during sports, and when you sport, you will sweat. Later on, this item called sweater was made to wear casually. Not only during sports. They start making it in different fabrics so you can wear it sophisticated en smart casual.

Brands we sell

Suitable brand, William Lockie, Barbour, Profuomo, Knowledge Cotton Apparel, Scotch and Soda, Calvin Klein, and many more.

Suitable Brand

We at Suitable sell our private label in different types of sweaters for any occasion. You can find them for formal occasions, in Merino wool, lambswool, and cotton fabric. But we also have sportive sweaters in several colors and fittings. For every man, we offer a Suitable sweater.

William Lockie

This brand is specialized in working with natural fibers since 1874. They are well known for their traditional and handmade techniques. They offer you the finest, softest, and most luxurious knitwear of Europe. This family-run business has the most skilled workers from the same local families working several generations at William Lockie. The collection we offer at Suitable is mostly the classic round en v - neck, in a lambswool fabric.


Barbour is a luxurious British brand since 1894. They are mostly known for their cotton, water repellant, and windproof jackets. The Waxcoats are iconic in their collection. In the beginning, these jackets were specially made for hunters, walkers, and outdoor activities, And as years pass by, this jacket is still made in such high quality that you will enjoy it for many decades. Barbour holds a Royal Warrant to supply waterproof and protective clothing for the British Royal family. The brand has modernized its collection to attract younger clients while they still maintain the traditional countryside costume. Nowadays, a lot of movies and series show you the typical British look using Barbour clothing. At Suitable, we offer a comprehensive collection of Barbour.


Profuomo is a Dutch brand, a family business founded in 1934 by Heinz Michaelis. They started making ties and other accessories using the best silk fabrics from Como, Italy. After that, they expand their collection to complete the man’s wardrobe. We now know them for making all of their clothes that express high quality in a sophisticated style, ready to wear at casual and formal events. The craftsmanship they use in combination with the best fabrics makes Profuomo a great brand.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel

This Danish brand has more than 50 years of experience in the textile industry. At first, Jørgen Mørop began at the end of the ’80 using Organic Cotton. As a true pioneer, he was ahead of his time by acknowledging responsibility for the environment. In 2008 he started Knowledge Cotton Apparel together with his son, Mads Mørop. You will find a diverse collection of sweaters, jackets, shirts, and many more in their assortment.

Scotch and Soda

Scotch and Soda is a Dutch brand. And they wanted to express de’ Free Spirit of Amsterdam’ in their clothes. That mindset is reflected in unique designs. A casual brand dares to be different, using high-quality fabrics that give a new dimension to an everyday style. A signature element that keeps coming back in all of their collections is their premium denim range, also known as Amsterdam Blue.

Calvin Klein

This brand has American roots. The former owner Calvin Richard Klein started in 1968. This iconic brand was primarily known for its underwear collection in the ’80, provocative ads featuring models and celebrities. Nowadays the collections are very clean, sportive and casual. A style that is easy to combine with the latest fashion trends.


Lambswool is a textile fiber that comes from sheep and other animals. Lambswool holds air so that the fabric can retain heat. Wool has a high thermal resistance and is a delicate fabric. When a sweater is worn over a shirt or a t-shirt, You shouldn’t wash it that much. When necessary, you can wash the sweater but read the care label to know how to wash it. Hand wash is preferred, also when the care label doesn’t recommend it. It is because the fabric can quickly shrink. Lambswool is naturally high elastic, which means that the material will easily return to its original shape. Wool has a delicate touch and is a soft fabric. We sell different brands apart from our private label, making sweaters with a crew-neck or a v- neck. For example, William Lockie and Barbour are well-known brands.

Merino wool

The Merino Sheep is one of the breeds of sheep that is very economical. The Merino sheep has the finest and softest wool of any sheep. It is used for different things such as curtains and clothes. It is very comfortable because the fabric does not itch. Like all wool types, it isolates very nicely. It is thinner than lambswool, and in sweaters, it makes you look slimmer. Perfect to wear on top of a shirt to create a smart casual look. Formal but warm on cold days. Suitable offers you different sweaters in a lot of different colors, with a crew-neck or v-neck. Other brands that we sell and make fair sweaters made out of Merino wool are Profuomo and Olymp.


Cotton is a fabric that is made out of the cotton plant. The fiber is flexed into threads and becomes a soft and breathable fabric. Perfect to wear and easy to wash. This fabric is stronger and resists different programs in the washing machine without shrinking. Because of the strength of cotton, they are even made with a short zipper on the chest. Or with buttons, so the sweater adjusts better around the neck. Cotton feels a bit thicker than Merino, and that’s why you can also wear it with just a t-shirt underneath it. More brands make cotton sweaters such as Superdry, Suitable, Vanguard, Tommy Hilfiger, Gant, and many more.

Fitting of brands

The fitting of a sweater depends on the fabric and the brand. We usually see that Italian or Spanish brands have a small or slimmer fitting. But apart from that, the material Merino Wool is elastic and adjusts better to the body. The slimmest and skinniest fittings are the following brands at Suitable: Cast Iron, Profuomo, Superdry, and Scotch and Soda. European brands that we sell at Suitable that have a normal to slim fit are the following brands: Suitable, No -excess, NZA, Dstrezzed, Vanguard. Other brands with a Normal to Regular fit: Gant, Barbour, Casa Moda, Marc’ O Polo, and William Lockie. We do want you to know that this is just an indication. In every season and with every brand, there can be a difference.

Styling tips

A pullover is a sweater that you can wear over a formal shirt. We recommend styling this sweater in a cotton or wool fabric. You can choose the round neck or v- neck, whatever suits you best and make you feel comfortable. Use primary colors when you need your outfit to be smart casual, or semi-formal. Make sure that the length of the pullover ends over the top of your jeans or trousers. For a casual occasion, you can easily combine a formal shirt with a more outspoken color. Or you could wear a sportive sweater with a more prominent logo, or a hoodie.

Crew-Neck and V- Neck

The choice between a crew-neck and a v-neck is up to you. Some say they prefer a v-neck because of its space on the neck and collar. They combine it with a formal shirt underneath it, and they open up the first couple of buttons. Others prefer to wear a crew-neck because the shirt’s collar will keep its shape and won’t move. Most men will unbutton the first button of the shirt.

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