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The originally Amsterdam brand Scotch and Soda has developed into an idiosyncratic face in the fashion world. The label attaches great importance to the classics and dares to combine this with all kinds of worldly influences. The recognizable style is the perfect mix of vintage and contemporary. Elegant and daring. Stylish items feature original textures, prints, and patterns. Above all, Scotch and Soda is unique in its attention to beautiful detailing.

A classic: the Scotch and Soda sweater

The collection of Scotch and Soda that you can find at Suitable consists of various, beautiful items. From trousers to T-shirts and shirts. But a piece of clothing that comes in handy in almost every season is the men’s sweater. Scotch and Soda offers several classic sweaters in different neutral colors such as light gray, dark blue, and camel. With a Scotch and Soda sweater for men, you are assured of a classic, neat look.

Soft fabrics for high wearing comfort

Besides, a Scotch and Soda men’s sweater is incredibly comfortable. A sweater is super soft and breathable thanks to a mix of textile fibers such as 95% cotton and 5% cashmere. In addition, the excellent quality ensures that the garment remains beautiful for a long time. A Scotch and Soda sweater for men features the subtle yet recognizable logo on the chest: the antique sewing machine. Wear a Scotch and Soda men’s sweater over a T-shirt, or wear it over a shirt for a smart-casual look. Check the Scotch and Soda size chart if you are unsure about the right size for you.

Sweaters with superior wearing comfort

Scotch and Soda sweaters are known for being of high quality and excellent wearing comfort. Scotch and Soda pullovers are made of the best natural materials such as cotton, wool, and cashmere, whether or not combined with fine textiles such as viscose and polyester to give your Scotch and Soda Pullover the perfect fit.

A mix of casual and classic

Your Scotch and Soda sweater men’s model can be combined in many ways. Wear your Scotch and Soda sweater nicely and casual over cool jeans combined with a pair of nice sneakers, and you can go into town for a drink on the terrace. Do you prefer the more classic look? Then put on lovely trousers and a plain t-shirt with your Scotch and Soda sweater over it. You see, Scotch and Soda sweaters are not only comfortable but also very versatile!

Do you pick a colorful or a more modest sweater?

Scotch and Soda Pullovers come in all kinds of color variations. Take, for example, the Scotch and Soda sweater men with crew-neck. This woven sweater in a mix of cotton and polyester is available in two varieties, including the multicolor version with a beautiful color gradient from top to bottom. For the more modest man, this model sweater is also available in a more modest sand color. Or pick the Scotch and Soda turtleneck sweaters made in seasonal colors and the most delicate fabrics. A turtleneck can’t be missed in a modern men’s attire.

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