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Vanguard jackets: not just for motor enthusiasts

Vanguard is becoming an increasingly famous name in the fashion world. Of course, we know that Vanguard originally was a motorcycle brand, but nowadays, it is so much more! For example, Vanguard offers you very nicely finished jackets for men. Whether you are looking for a parka model or a motorcycle jacket, you will certainly succeed with the collection from Vanguard.

Nicely finished and comfortable jackets

Are you looking for a nice coat, but have you not been able to succeed until now? You may find practical details such as a hood and side pockets very important because you often cycle. Vanguard has such practical jackets in its range, but always with luxurious details and a modern look. Vanguard's winter coats are often nicely lined on the inside to stand cold climates, making them perfect for the northern hemisphere's winters.

Expand your wardrobe

Do you sometimes wear Vanguard polos, shirts, or jeans and want to expand your collection? The purchase of a Vanguard jacket is the perfect step! If you choose one of these men's jackets, you choose excellent quality, a coat that you can enjoy for a long time.

Vanguard leather jacket timeless and suitable anytime, anywhere

Are you ready for a new coat and are you thinking about buying a leather jacket? Then we think you are making a good choice. These types of jackets have a long life span thanks to the durable material and timeless character. The beautiful deep colors, the high-quality raw material, and the fine finish ensure that you will want to take this jacket with you wherever you go. Combine it with a nice pair of jeans and some cool sneakers, or mix it up with some oxfords and nice chinos.

When looking for different styled jackets, feel free to watch our entire coat collection. Or peek around at Barbour's Wax Coats or Tenson's wind and water-resistant jackets.

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