When it comes to animal free and fashionable jackets, Save the Duck is the brand you need.
Jackets for men who like to dress warm and stylish at the same time. Save the Duck jackets protect you against inclement weather conditions.

PLUMTECH filling

Save the Duck jackets are filled with the innovative Plumtech filling. Plumtech filling is developed to provide jackets with an animal free filling that is still as soft and warm as real feathers are. Only synthetic materials are being used, which are great alternatives for animal materials.

Perfect fit Save the Duck Jackets

Save the Duck jackets are available in various cheerful and trendy colors and made of high-quality fabrics. Thanks to Italian design the jackets fit perfectly. Save the Duck jackets are perfect to travel with, these jackets return to their original shape despite packing them in a suitcase or a bag.
Being light and airy, these men’s jackets are ideal to wear at all time.


Wondering what specific measure of Save the Duck u need? View the Save the Duck Size chart.
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