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At Suitable we value quality, comfort and a nice design. Therefore, we offer a wide range of Profuomo shirts. These shirts are made of luxurious fabrics, with a high-quality finish according to Italian design. Most of the shirts in this collection are easy iron or even non-iron, so you can make a good impression without spending too much time.

Finish your look by combining your shirt with a tie or belt from our collection.

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Profuomo shirts

The key piece of garment is a shirt. Profuomo shirts are very popular with a lot of men and not without cause. These shirts represent tomorrows technology and yesterday’s craftsmanship. For years Profuomo shirts are made of high-quality fabrics. This, together with years of experience and expertise, creates shirts to rely on.

All shirts are treated in a way to make them easy-iron or non-iron. This way, after washing it the shirt can be stored in the closet right away. This makes Profuomo shirts very suitable for men who travel much and need to take shirts in their suitcase. But of course, the same applies to men who just don’t like ironing.

An overview of all the Profuomo collections

The complete collection of shirts exists out of three labels. Below, the different labels of Profuomo are explained. If you are lost, we are pleased to help you at customer service.

Profuomo Originale

As the name suggest, the original Profuomo shirt. This line of shirts comes in slim fit and regular fit. All shirts are made of high-quality two-ply cotton. Meaning two threads were used in the weaving process to create a strong fabric for a shirt that stays beautiful for a long time.

Profuomo Sky Blue

‘A collection designed to impress’ is the way Profuomo describes the Sky Blue label. This collection of shirts is more luxurious than the Originale line and made of fabrics mostly woven in Italy. The Sky Blue shirts are suitable to wear for special occasions and give a luxurious touch to your outfit. This collection contains regular fit, slim fit and super slim fit shirts. Be aware that the fit of the Sky Blue shirts is different from the Originale shirts.

Profuomo 2.0

The 2.0 label was launched in 2016. This line is developed with modern shirts in mind. The 2.0 collection contains mainly straightforward shirts with modern collars. All shirts are super slim-fit and easy iron. This collection is mainly produced for slim men.

The fit

Not only the quality matters when buying a shirt, the fit is at least equally significant. This determines whether a shirt is comfortable or not. Therefore, always take a look at the size chart (available on the product page) when buying a Profuomo shirt.

When you’ve found a shirt with a perfect fit, make sure to preserve the packaging. This will simplify buying a new shirt in the future.

Profuomo shirt with sleeve length 7

As a tall Dutchman, it can be a challenge to find a shirt. Therefore, Suitable provides a collection Profuomo shirts with sleeve length 7. These shirts not only have longer sleeves, but also have a longer back panel. Due to this back panel, the shirt will stay better in your pants or trousers. The sleeve length of these shirts is 69 cm. The shirts can be recognised by the ‘sleeve 7’ indication.

More than just shirts

Where it once began with shirts, today’s collection of Profuomo is much larger. In our online store you will find belts, pullovers, suspenders and other accessories. Combine your new shirt with one or more accessories to make it complete. The belts, pullovers and accessories are, just as the shirts, made with Italian craftmanship.

About Profuomo

Profuomo, the brand for the ‘professional man’, originated in the eighties to market quality shirts. The craftmanship of Profuomo dates from 1934 and although the techniques changed, the craftmanship remained. All fabrics are still woven in Italy, although today with modern weaving machines.

This way, the brand keeps one eye on its history and the other on future quality guarantee.

Would you like to know what Profuomo shirt fits you best? Check out the Profuomo size chart.

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