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Levi's 511 Jeans Slim Fit 0709
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Buy Levis stretch jeans online

Levi's stretch jeans

Levi's is perhaps the most famous jeans maker in the world, for about 150 years they have been making top quality jeans. In fact, the founder, Levi Strauss, invented the jeans.

For every man, there is a suitable and stylish Levi's jeans, because the jeans are available in different models and colors. At Suitable, we sell jeans in slim, modern, tapered, and regular-fit models. Nowadays, almost all Levi's jeans have a slight stretch. This stretch has many advantages:

  • The jeans stay in shape longer.
  • The jeans are firmer.
  • The jeans fit nicer around your legs.
  • The jeans shape themselves to your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear Levi's stretch jeans to work?
You certainly can. Combine the jeans, for example, with a nice shirt and neat shoes.
What should I keep in mind when washing my jeans?
Please do not wash the jeans too often. Wear them at least ten times in-between washes. Dry the jeans on the line instead of in the dryer. This way, your favorite jeans will last much longer.
Are Levi's stretch jeans available in different fits?
Levi's jeans are made in all fits. At Suitable we sell the jeans in slim-, modern-, tapered- and regular-fit.

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