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Suitable Leather Touchscreen Glove
Very well fitting gloves, delivery took a long time, otherwise very satisfied
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History of gloves at Suitable

The gloves have been used since ancient times. Gloves served as protection to the hands and were very popular in Old Egypt. The gloves were made as a small pocket without holes for fingers. Later, gloves were made with one thumb. In the 14th century, gloves appeared in Scandinavian countries and Germany. The glove became a fashion item in the 19th century. People used to mix up their gloves with the suits they wore. The materials used for men’s gloves were suede, leather, and thread.

The gloves symbols and traditions

Tossing the glove as a challenge for a duel and marrying the glove were long customs that we hardly know now. To combat the stench of the tanned leather, the French perfumed the glove. Parfumeur et gantier was a mastery that combined fragrance and glove making and is still the name of a French perfume company today.

Men’s Gloves

Apart from (winter) athletes and professions such as dentists and very decent waiters, few men wear gloves when it is not extremely cold. Fashion designers like to change that, and they have been promoting the glove as an ornate gestation for years with little success. The glove has a rich history of protecting the fingers from cold, damage, and dirt.

Suede Gloves

Suitable also has a wide range of suede gloves. Suede is produced from the underside of the animal skin. It is much softer than ‘regular’ leather but not as durable.
How to maintain and take good care of suede or leather gloves.
The easiest way to take care of suede or leather gloves is to not put them in your jacket’s pocket after wearing them. Another option is to put the gloves in a cotton glove bag, ensuring its good shape.

Laimbock Suede Glove Penryn Olive

A unique pair of gloves in exceptional color. With these gloves, having frozen fingers are soon a thing of the past. With the warm polyester lining, your hands remain warm. The gloves are finished with three stitched seams on the top.

Buy Men’s leather Gloves

Leather gloves are never too much for you, and with this high-quality men’s glove from Laimbock, you get the best of the best in the house. The men’s gloves are made of high-quality soft leather from the wild boar for suppleness. You will never have cold hands with the warm lining again. Buying leather gloves is easy and fast online at Suitable without shipping costs.

Suitable Leather Velcro Glove

With warm leather gloves from Suitable, you can walk comfortably during the cold days of the year. The Velcro gloves are made of 100% napa leather and feature a soft fleece lining, which keeps you warm.

Winter gloves

Winter gloves are an essential garment for the colder seasons. The Suitable label provides a wide collection of gloves from different famous fashion brands like Barts, Laimbock, Barbour, and Profuomo. Gloves have a unique size system that is connected to your shoe size. Please note not to buy your leather gloves too wide, as they stretch when you wear them. shoe size: 41-42 43 44-45 46, glove size: 8.5 9 9.5 10.

Suitable Leather Glove

With warm leather gloves from Suitable, you can walk comfortably during the cold days of the year. The gloves are made of 100% napa leather and provide a soft fleece lining, keeping you warm.

Barbour Glove Camel

Beautiful and warm gloves from Barbour. These gloves are made of 100% leather with a polyester lining ensuring both warmth and durability.

Barts Gloves Bhric Black

These warm gloves from Barts are made of wool on one side and high-quality leather on the other. Due to this leather finish and black color, the gloves have a stylish feel.

Laimbock Quilted Glove Blacos Bordeaux

Beautiful dark red padded leather glove from Laimbock. The gloves made of luxurious Nappa leather are very strong and have a natural elasticity giving the glove a perfect fit. Nappa leather’s advantages are the soft feeling, the suppleness, the strength, and the long-lasting comfort. Lined with fleece and finished with a stitched quilted pattern.

Profuomo Gloves Smooth Leather Black

Also, Profumomo makes beautiful and warm gloves. These gloves are made of 100% leather with a woolen hem and stylish belt closure.

Gloves online

Padded leather gloves for men are available in many colors and also available in different sizes. Buy your men’s gloves quickly and easily online!

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