-  Thursday, 4 April  |  Joke
Silk Cufflinks Brique F14
Again the right color (Brique) is not easy to obtain. Also ordered the tie and pocket square. [site name] had the right color.
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 -  Wednesday, 26 February  |  Gert
Silk Cufflinks Pink F03
Nice article for a good price. With several others you pay 2.50 extra and you have to pay for shipping...
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 -  Wednesday, 19 September  |  Arne
Cufflinks Gold Wave
Note: on the image you would say that this is rose gold. but they are gold cufflinks.
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  • Quality
  • Feels solid
  • Scratch free
  • Site photo not in line with reality
 -  Tuesday, 3 May  |  L.
Silk Cufflinks Fuchsia F21
Product was beautiful, and the fast service was excellent.
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 -  Wednesday, 11 June  |  L.A.A.M.
Silk Cufflinks Navy F35
The cufflinks are beautiful, hope they stay that way.
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 -  Tuesday, 23 April  |  Karin
Silk Cufflinks Light Kobalt F19
Super fast delivery, neatly packaged, beautiful color
  Thank you for this nice compliment. Have fun with the cufflinks and see you soon.   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • For such a small amount you have a very nice gift!
 -  Thursday, 13 July  |  Ad
Silk Cufflinks Green F33
Perfect color, fast delivery
  Good afternoon Adje, thanks for the nice review! Good to hear that everything is OK and that you are satisfied. See you next time at [site name]!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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Buy Men's Cufflinks online

A cufflink is a piece of jewelry used to secure a dress shirt's cuffs. The toggles or reverses need to be attached correctly for the cufflink to stay in place. The front part of the cufflinks can be decorated with gemstone inlays. Some men love to make the cufflinks more personal by editing their initials as an inscription. There are many forms, two or three-dimensional forms, even different geometric or different materials like gold and silver, or a combination of these. Cufflinks are worn on special and formal occasions, where you will wear a dress shirt. It is essential to coordinate the metal of your cufflinks with other jewelry, for example, your watch, your belt, or your rings. So if you wear silver rings, your cufflinks should be silver pleated too.

Cufflinks history

The first cufflinks made their first appearance in 1600, but they were not very known until the end of the 18th century, this had to do with the development of formal shirts. Especially the middle and upper class wore cufflinks. After the industrial revolution, cufflinks were mass- produces, making them affordable for every man. Cufflinks were made with gemstones, and men initially wore the colored cufflinks with a lot of confidence. But this changed when The Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, wore them around the 19th century. When cufflinks became a real fashion accessory and an acceptable jewelry item for men, designers like Coco Chanel also made cufflinks. The cufflinks were available in every type of form, material, or color, using gemstones and less precious stones so it would be cheaper.

Closing mechanism

Cufflinks are made differently; the most traditional is the 'double -panel.' It is a short-chain connection of two disc-shaped parts; both are decorated. The whale-back and toggle-back are cufflinks with a flat decorated face for one side. The other side shows only the swivel-bar. The swivel-bar is placed vertically to put the links on and off and horizontally to hold the cufflink in place when wearing.


At Suitable you will find a wide range of different brands in various price ranges. Suitable for every man, for every occasion. Profuomo is a Dutch brand that has a sophisticated style. When you buy Profuomo, you'll be guaranteed of high quality and a stylish look. The cufflinks are 100% nickel-free and lead-free. The cufflinks they offer are more basic and simple but very nice. Michaelis is the precursor of Profuomo. They started making ties and other accessories. The cufflinks they offer are more non-formal, funny cufflinks showing an own style. The manly details make them cool and youthful. Suitable has an extensive range of cufflinks; you can find them with a silk fabric colored circle. Also, in different colored materials like gold plated or silver plated. For a very affordable price, perfect for every occasion and Suitable for every man.


Fabric Cufflinks are cheaper, made like a silk knot, usually two conjoined monkey's fist or Turk's head knots. Introduced in 1904, nowadays, it is not made of silk but an elastic core. Because of this design's popularity, a lot of metal cufflinks are shaped to look like silk knots. Metal cufflinks are usually made nickel-free and lead-free. You will find them in silver or gold plated. These metal cufflinks are cheaper than massive gold or silver cufflinks. Gemstones or birthstones are added on cufflinks for a more personal touch. They are colorful and unique. Leather cufflinks have a more raw and edgy touch. Using leather cufflinks can also express the type of person you are. Nowadays, you see many men's accessories and jewelry made out of leather or combined with leather.

When to wear cufflinks

Around the 18th century, it was very normal for the upper class to dress extremely formally every day. Nowadays, we dress up for specific and formal occasions. Some men need to dress very formally because of their jobs, and they need to wear dress shirts or double cuffed shirts daily. If that's not the case, we recommend having a couple of different cufflinks for every occasion. Take some classic but straightforward knots, silver or gold. Buy some unique but youthful cufflinks that show a personal touch. Choose cufflinks with a black detail for a black-tie event.

Cufflinks as a present

Giving a pair of cufflinks as a gift is one of the unique gifts one can give to a man. You can make it personal by editing the initials of the person in the cufflinks. In some families, it is traditional to inherit the cufflinks from grandfather to son to grandson. Cufflinks are usually given on someone's birthday and when they graduate as a symbol of growing up, a symbol of becoming a man. You can also choose cufflinks by asking what kind of hobbies the person has or by choosing their favorite color.

How to wear cufflinks

We would recommend to always have in mind what occasion you are attending. Is the event very formal and full of protocol? Then match the material and the color to the rest of your outfit. If you wear gold rings or a gold watch, then wear golden cufflinks. When you are going to a less formal party, like a friend's wedding, then add a personal touch, like the color of your bow tie or the color of your partner's outfit. When you are going to a business meeting, choose cufflinks that are sophisticated and appropriate.

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