-  Friday, 15 March  |  René
Barbour Cap Olive Green
Logo is very tightly embroidered so that it folds inwards, which is disappointing to me. Furthermore, the material is qualitative and I have nothing to criticize about the delivery, speed and communication.
  Dear René, Thank you for this message. Super annoying that the cap folds in. Would you like to contact customer service about this?   ^Quinty from Suitable
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Men's caps and hats

Whether it’s sunny outside or you’re just having a bad hair day, a hat or cap could save the day. Baseball caps are not just for sports anymore. Nowadays, you can wear caps with any casual outfit. They are a real fashion statement! Our collection offers a wide range of caps in various colors and from multiple brands. Most baseball caps are designed with a brand logo on the front. The flat caps we offer are most likely to be classic and sophisticated. Perfect for colder days and to wear on semi-formal occasions so that it can protect you from rain and cold temperatures.

Types of Hats for men

Apart from the Flat cap en the sportive caps, we’ll explain the most familiar hats for men: A Fedora, know from gangster movies and actors like Al Capone but also pop icon Michael Jackson. A Homburg, more formal, known because of Winston Churchill. The top hat, officially worn on formal occasions, such as a white tie. The Panama hat was initially made from plaited leaves of a specific plant. This hat is perfect for hot days because it ventilates better than other fabrics, and it still protects you from the sun.


A cap is a sportive form of headgear, it is usually worn on casual or informal occasions, and they are seen in sports and fashion. Officially they are designed to keep warmth, and the visor is made to block sunlight from the eyes. We offer them in many different brands like Fred Perry, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, and Napapijri.

Sportive caps and brands

  • Fred Perry has a sophisticated but sportive style. You can find them in four different colors, and they have a small logo on the front side of the cap.
  • Tommy Hilfiger offers you two different types of caps, one with a large logo on the front side and a model with a minimalistic logo on the front side of the cap. They come in bright colors, especially for spring and summer, to protect your eyes from the sunlight.
  • Levi’s has multiple styles of caps that we offer at Suitable. You can choose the one with the classic logo on the front. Or one with a more sportive logo.
  • Napapijri has one type of cap but is offered in different colors, the standard logo on the cap’s front. This Italian brand is stylish and sportive at the same moment. Perfect for every casual occasion.


At this moment, the most popular and wanted hat is the flat cap. It is a rounded cap with a short and small brim in front. It originally comes from Ireland, where they are worn to protect you from rain and the cold. These models are made of wool and cotton. The lining ensures warmth and comfort. Nowadays, the flat cap has made its comeback because of many movies and series like Peaky Blinders. Many brands offer the flat cap with a classic but modern look, like; Profuomo, Barts, No- excess, and Barbour.

Flat caps brands and materials

  • Profuomo offers the flat caps in three different price ranges, and these differences have to do with the quality and the type of materials they use to make a flat cap. They start with a mix of cotton, polyester, and stretch. Then comes the model that is made out of a blend of cotton and polyester. And the best model is a blend of cotton and nylon. All of the models are carefully woven to make you look sophisticated and trendy.
  • Barts is a younger and more sportive brand that mixes styles and colors to look classic in a modern way. The caps of Barts have an adjustable strap on the back of the flat cap. The flat caps are made out of wool and polyester to keep you warm during fall and winter.
  • No - excess is a trendy brand that makes flat caps in a lower price range so that every man can afford a flat cap. They give you a fashionable look by using viscose and cotton in an excellent design.
  • Barbour offers you a flat cap made out of 100% wool. This will be the warmest flat cap you will ever see. It is a specialty of Barbour to make products, especially for the coldest days of the year.
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