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It all began In 1986 at the beaches of St Tropez. Young Bart Koene, born and raised in Amsterdam, was selling his hand-sewn swimshorts to the people on St Tropez’s beaches. He had some help from a girl to sell his product. She wore a piece of fabric on her head because of the sun, appearing to people as a bandana. Soon everyone wanted one of the bandanas. This is how the idea was born. Nowadays, Barts has been known as comfy and high-quality summer and winter accessories. With selling points all over Europe and Headquarters in Amsterdam.
Barts Amsterdam has over 2500 knitting designs and unique techniques to create diverse and comfortable accessories collections for every season. These days wool grows in popularity among men. Suitable collection offers you many items from Barts Amsterdam collection. You will find beanies, flat caps, gloves, and Barts scarfs.

Barts Amsterdam Beanie

Barts Amsterdam Beanie: ·

  • Beanie uplifts a casual or smart outfit. But you can also wear it with a coat if you go for a more formal or business look. ·
  • Look at your hairstyle to choose the right beanie. Try to consider your style and where you would feel more comfortable.
  • Choose more tighter-fitting styles of beanies for a more classic and neat look and looser styles for a casual look. The tighter, the more classic the look will be.
Smart Casual
A beanie is a casual style, and it can suit many smart casual outfits. But the real thing is to choose the right style and combine it with the right items. Try a simple, knitted beanie in a neutral color to make a neat look. Wear it with smart-casual items also in neutral colors. A pair of wool-look pants and a sweater can make you look stylish. Even though a beanie is a relaxed style, it can still be worn with business and business-casual looks. Just make sure to add a stylish coat to complete the outfit.


The Flat cap

Since 1570, a flat cap has been worn by men. In between 1570-1590, to support the wool industry, the British government made a law for men to wear a wool cap on Sundays. This law did not last, but the style with the flat cap did. Later on, it became a part of men’s work outfit. Another hipe for a flat cap was in the 90s where many rappers and singers were showing off with them on stage.

Flat cap is also known as ivy cap. It includes a stiff brim and a rounded shape.
The flat cap is stylish and functional.

  1. The front brim is to protect you from the sun.
  2. At the same time, it also protects your head from the sun.
  3. Flatcap will keep you cool in de summertime and warm in the wintertime.
  4. It’s an amazing item to dress yourself up.

How to add Barts flat cap to your personal look of choice

This cap is easy to combine for various looks, from casual to chic, and just blends with any outfit of your choice. It easy to combine it, then you would think. Think about the seasons. Cotton and linen would be perfect for spring and summer, while tweed and heavy cotton are more for colder seasons. Patterns also make a difference by choosing the flat cap of your choice. If you choose, make sure it complements the outfit of your choice and matches the outfit patterns. Consider your cap as an accessory and not as an item you put on your head before going out the door. Keep in mind that the natural fabrics are more breathable and more adjustable to your look. The original classics would be wool tweed, cotton, or linen. Try to keep it as simple as possible, and don’t overdress yourself with too many old-fashioned accessories in one look.

For instance, the Barts Amsterdam woolen hats are casual business items. And combine perfectly with a blazer. Both items lift your casual look to a more classy style. Mix the cap with a t-shirt and jeans to make your look more casual. Barts flat caps can also be used to finish your formal outfit. In patterns, try to keep it as simple as possible. Herringbone would fit well with any look.

Barts Scarfs

a Scarf is ideal for any season and especially for windy environments. If you still don’t have one, now is the right time to choose one. Barts Amsterdam has many variations of scarves to fulfill the need of any man. A scarf is an item that can be worn as a daily accessory. If you are looking for more warmth to lift up your daily outfit, a scarf is a right choice. It would complement any daily outfit of your choice.

How to choose your scarf?

Your complexion is the key
There are some colors on the color scale that would look great on anyone. Other colors are more specific. They can lift you up or bring your appearance down. Choose the color that would lift up any other color from your outfit of choice.

Addition to your Wardrobe
If you already have many natural colors, then choose more bright ones and the other way around. To make it an addition, don’t restrict yourself by choosing the same tones.

Cold Weather
Many scarfs are worn during the cold season to keep you warm. To do this correctly, try to choose warm materials like wool or cashmere. As wool has been made from the fleece of the sheep, it would definitely keep you warm and cozy during the colder seasons.

Formal Wear
To accessorize your formal wear, try to do it with a scarf. The addition of the scarf will give you more layerings or more color to your suit.

Barts Amsterdam accessories are an amazing addition to any man’s wardrobe. Shop your favorite accessories online at Suitable.

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